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Apr 16, 2014

 First of all i want to thank you for Reading this paragraphe about me
My name is Yassine and I'm from a beautiful contry known as Morocco i like to create games i was intresting to be come a real creater of games and my dream be come true you can always cantact with me here or by comments or please contact me in my E-Mail
you can ask me about any thing you want also if you want a private conversation with me i will be glad to speak with you all
you can follow me in the social Profiles 
or in Skype by Writing this name in the Search box YassinE ParadoX-YOG!

Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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  1. Can you make a mod where you can either play as Alexis Rhodes in the Society of Light or have her as an opponent? Thanks!


  2. hello friend like me bakura this game was in Spanish language. what could you do?

  3. hi Yassine can u send me a pharaoh mod named a duel of Zane this guy stopped to create mods since 2 years or something but he Succeed to fusion Jadin yuki card with yubel card to creat a new powerful fusion card maybe can u send a download link for this game thanks a lot

  4. when you show up whit the next egyptians mods?