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Jan 3, 2017

After getting a lot of requests about little Yugi's Mod, so here it comes the one and the only YuGiOh! Power of Chaos Yugi's World Mod 2017.
This Mod contains the cute character that we all love, little Yugi, You'll have to face the king of games himself in this mod.
As per the cards, there 1109 cards (over 100 added by me), I've tried to add all the cards that have been used by Yugi during yugioh tv series, Inspired by Yugioh! Legendary Collection3Yugi's World, and Yugi's Legendary Deck.
I'll be Including some of the YuGiOh! GX cards in the next update so stay tuned for more games and update.

You'll find the legendary Gadget deck that Yugi uses when he beats the Pharaoh, and there are also some cards inspired from Marik's Deck, so try to build up your deck for the duel between you and the king of games.

Kazuki Tkahashi - for creating YuGiOh!
KONAMI - for developing YuGiOh! Power of Chaos
RistaR87 - for giving me the template of the cards
Me (Yassine Paradox) - for doing the rest :p

Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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  1. i cant fnd all cards and the decks in the game

  2. Wow. This is great game. Expecting will be more legendary/gx card update

  3. I can't find gandora the destruction dragon :/

    1. I'll add it in the next update my friend

  4. Hey! Excellent mod!! You have inspired me to make my own mod!! I have a question. Can I win the 1109 cards by playing or only with the all cards file?

    1. yes you can win them by playing but it'll take a long time

  5. how does one download
    i download it and i open the file and it just says uninstall

  6. What is the password ?? If you want publish this game,Be sure completely is not there password into the zip, I hate these you are s dissapoitment me..

  7. i cant open the all card
    it always gives me error
    and saying 'cant copy the files from system please check the correct folder and try again
    pls help

  8. can u give me the all card program because it didnt work on my pc
    win 8 can u help me

  9. Hi!

    In the card list (without the all card file) it's only show 771 card. I have to worry about this or it will show eventually if i win a card from the mod addiontial card pool?


  10. Why in my pc windows doesn't work it says error when I want to run all card please give me a answer if I don't do that I don't have all cards